Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Free To First Purchaser

Here is a awesome deal that you can't past up. Whoever is the first person to purchase an item today on New Year's Eve from each of my shops (JodisCraftEmporium or LuxSpa) will receive 2 free mini round dishcloths along with your purchase. Here is an example of the ones that you will receive:

$3.50 value

Two of these will go to each of the first purchases on both of my shops. What a deal :D Hurry and be the first purchaser in each of my shops.

New Year's Sale

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone.

What better way to start out by having a huge sale. I am having a forum only sale that last today and tomorrow. So hurry and check it out because you might find something that you will really like.

It is for both of my shops to clear out the old so I can bring in the new. Awesome Deal.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Items Are About To Expire

I have a couple of items that are about to expire and I am sure that someone will give them a great home. These items are expiring on the 31st. Great way to stock up for next year with me taking another 50% off the listing price.

CLEARANCE - Holiday Inspirations Ribbon in Gold, Red, and Green

$0.50 past
$0.25 present

CLEARANCE - Holiday Inspirations Ribbon in Red and Green Checkered

$0.50 past
$0.25 present

This sale on these two items will stay up until they expire. So hurry before they do.

Life Can Be Hard

Just 3 months ago I made a huge decision to go from a full time job in finance to a part time job as a teacher's aide (one on one). I had to make this decision because I needed to be home more with my family.

My 8 year old son is borderline autistic with PDD-NOS and has been having some rough patches. I really needed to be home for him because of the meltdowns and rash behavior problems that are popping up everywhere.

I also have a 2 year old that is a plan old rough houser and a typical toddler. He has bed time issues with going to bed at 8 and sleeping in his own bed. And don't get me started on potty training. Well, I can say he hasn't been that bad with it. He does like sitting on the potty.

My hubby works 12 to 14 hours a day. So he is totally exhausted when he gets home. And his income is slowly dieing cuz the holiday seasons are gone. January to April is when there is hardly any income.

But, anywho, I took a major pay cut and now I am finding that its killing our income. I feel guilty cuz I already dug into both of my son's savings accounts, in which I told myself that I would never do. Talk about the guilt it leaves.

I promised myself for 2009 that I will never touch my boy's savings, keep my pennies pinched at all times, and don't purchase items in my shops unless I made sales (which have been few and far between). I am also not going to purchase unnecessary items either. Hopefully, 2009 will be very good to us cuz I don't know how much more guilt and depression I can take.

P.S. - Sorry to bring out a sob story.

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Design of Dishcloths Coming Soon

Here is a sneak peek of the new dishcloths that will invade my shop. These beautiful but simple dishcloths are very fun to make. They may look simple to make but take up to two hours for just one. If you would like to order some please convo me at my etsy shop. Here are some pics of the dishcloths:

here is a start of a set that I making for a couple of friends. There is 10 right now but have 13 more to go.

$3.50 ea
Wine (Maroon/Burgundy)
Lily N Cream Yarn

$3.50 ea
Lily N Cream Yarn

$3.50 ea

The dishcloths measure at 7 1/2 inches tall and 7 1/4 inches wide. If I don't have the yarn in stock, it does take one week to come in. Takes a day to make two dishcloths give or take. So if you like the dishcloths but want a certain color please give ample amount of time for ordering and putting together. I do request that a 50% deposit is put on the custom order for materials and then other 50% when item has been completed. If you decide to change your mind on the dishcloth I only refund 25% back of the 50% because of the time I had to use to get materials and plus for the materials that I have to keep.

For Other Color Options:
Ombres - Many Colors
Peaches N Creme Yarns

New Year's Resolution Poll

I would like to see what would be the main thing for 2009 that people will stride for. There are plenty of choices to choose from. Just check down on the bottom of my blog for the poll. This is to only to have a lot of fun with to see what the biggest goal is for 2009.

My Brother

He just left today to Afghanistan and serving our country. It was very sad to him go but I know God is with him every minute. I hope and pray that he will return safely to us. He serves in the Army but can't remember right now what his status is.

I do have a ribbon in my shop that is dedicated to him:

Before he left I wrote him this poem. I never got a chance to give it to him but will mail it as soon as we can send him some things through the mail.


I know we had a hard long road to travel
and so many complications on the way.
But no matter what happened
our love would grow everyday.

We may not have gotten along
but we always seem to get through it.
No matter what words were said
or tears we shed.

Now that you are leaving
you will be greatly missed.
I will be thinking, loving, and praying
for you each and everyday.

You will always be my brother
and my best friend.
Please remember all the good times
we shared and even the bad.
Because those are the memories we share
and will always for each and everyday.

Please remember all of the servicemen that are serving for us right now. Because they too have a long hard road to travel with the many months ahead.

New and Improved

I recently had another blog for JodisCraftEmporium but since I have other shops that I have open I thought it would fit better. I will update everyone with new products coming, events, new poems I come up with, and more. So please enjoy this wonderful blog that will keep you updated with a lot of awesome events.