Sunday, April 26, 2009


First of all, I would like to thank everyone that helped or donated to this awesome rally. We could not ask for a better day with the weather and the wonderful people that stopped by to come see this fun event. It was 90 degrees and windy but the sun shined bright all day long.

Here are some pics:

This wonderful artist here made these beautiful bags with Autism symbols on them. They were absolutely beautiful.

These ladies were sitting and enjoying their hot dogs and enjoying the fun.

This is where they sold the T-shirts, bracelets, chocolate, candy, and books about Autism. Plus the sheet in the background that the kids had a chance to draw on with fabric markers.

These pictures below are from the sensory stations that people had the chance to participate in. They had a ticket, which was called "Passport to Autism Awareness" and they get a hole punched into their cards to show that they completed a station.

This was the water station! Everyone had a lot of fun at this station.

This was the swing, chair, and sand station.

This was the balls and tubes stations.

Plus we also had prizes to give out when each individual completed the sensory stations.

We also had a Auction Basket Raffle.

This shows all the baskets that we had. We had over 30 baskets for the auction. There were 3 total baskets from the wonder people from Etsy. Thank you guys so much.

We did have some fun with the baskets being that it was sssoooo windy outside. It was a huge job for Abby and Jen to make sure that these baskets didn't fall on the ground. They did an awesome job. Plus Emily sneaking in to put her tickets in for the basket raffle, lol.

These beautiful contents in the baskets were donated by these wonderful Etsians:

The Crocheted Baby
Janel's Sewing & Stuff
Arrets Place
The Geekery
Missy & Me
PWN Monster
Originals By Lauren
The Branded Butterfly
My Kangaroo
Tiny Bubbles Soap
Dreamer's Web
Pegasus Handmade Soaps
Red Leaf
Southern Night Scents
Jinxy's Fine Gifts
Clifford Artists
Little Pink Plum
Gems And Dolls

Thank you guys so much and each day I will be giving a shout out for each one of your shops :D

I also donated some baskets from both of my shops. They were packed full with a ton of goodies.

Of course, I did have a table selling my Autism crafts to everyone.

I am setting up my table with Abby helping me out. We had to tape things down because of the wind.

Here are my Autism Ribbons that I made with the help of Jen and Abby. I greatly appreciate you guys' help. We made over 300 ribbons together.

Here are the Autism Puzzle Piece Soy Candle Tarts that I made. There were over 70 packages of the tarts in different scents.

Here are the Autism Puzzle Piece soaps I made. I had over 40 of them made with different soap bases and scents.

Here I am sitting pretty behind my table.

I would also like to thank all those Etsians that sent promos to be handed out. They were devoured in no time flat. I did add some of the samples to the raffle baskets to give extra exposure to you all. People raved about them and absolutely loved them .

Also a huge thanks to all those who helped and the staff that put this awesome rally together. Without you this awesome event would never happened. You know who you are.

Definitely looking forward to next year's event :D


  1. What a wonderful event! I'm so proud to have played a tiny little part in it!! love you blog too!! come on over and visit me sometime:

    namaste, elsie

  2. You worked so hard for this event. And everything you did looks wonderful! Hope everyone appreciates all the hard work everyone did for it too. I'm so glad that I could participate just a little.

  3. It was a wonderful event. We had a great group that worked hard and the teamwork was amazing.

  4. I'm really impressed with the work you put into this and for such a good cause. I'm glad to have been able to offer a little help:)

  5. Thank you everyone. It wasn't just me though, we had an amazing staff that all of them put their hearts and soul into it. We worked great as a team and wouldn't ask for anyone better.

  6. Looks like you had a great day. Thanks for mentioning my name.

  7. No problem Lauren. It was an awesome day and was in the 90s. Hot but beautiful.

  8. Awesome event! thanks for the mention; keep me on the list for the next one.

  9. Thank you and you are very welcome. I will most definitely keep you on for next year's event.


  10. The event looks like it was a success and everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves. I am so glad to have participated and hope you consider me next time. And thank you for mentioning my business.