Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Crocheted Baby

This wonderful Etsian donated one of her famous facial scrubbies for one of our raffle baskets for our Local Autism Rally. Right now she is in the middle of moving her shop from thecrochetbaby to PlayingWithFiber. Here is some of her beautiful items from her new PlayingWithFiber shop:

Facial Scrubbies - special set of 2 in white, pale yellow and tan colors

Bath puff - spa at home - white with lavender green and teal trim


Check out both of her shops for sewing patterns, yarn patterns, assorted scrubbies, felted items, and more. She puts a lot of craftsmanship into her work as you can tell by the pictures above. Stop by :D


  1. those look wonderful! handmade scrubbies are so much nicer than disposable ones.

  2. She does an awesome job. When I saw them in person I was totally amazed :D

  3. I love the colors in the bath sponge.