Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Start The New Year

Today my hubby and I had a couple hours to ourselves. So we decided to pack away all of the Christmas items that we had up. I was ssssoooo amazed how fast it was to put them away compared to how long it took for us to put them up. We finally have our livingroom back now and its all cozy again. My holiday items that I was using for my shops are all packed away and awaiting to be opened up later in the year. I am looking forward to what the New Year brings. Hopefully more happiness and prosperity especially to everyone.

Hopes and Dreams Of a New Year

Christmas has come and gone
for another year
Everyone is cleaning and remembering
the memories that they would cherish
in their hearts
each and every year.

Now a New Year has come
to bring us hope and prosperity
and happiness
through these troubling times.
So lets be optimistic and
try not to be pessimistic
because there is a new hope
and change coming our way.

A new year will probably give us challenges
that we weren't ready to face.
But we all will get through it
with a lot of faith and grace.

Just keep on praying everyday
for the next day
to be brighter and to
give hopes and dreams
a new meaning in life
to get you through the tough times.
You will find out that the power
of prayer will
help you get through anything
that is sent your way.
Please remember this on New Years Day and
on each and everyday.


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