Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Belated Friday

What a long day yesterday, ppphhheeewww.

So now its time to play catch up because of falling asleep early, lol. Here we go.


(her other shop: ArretsPlace)

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know this wonderful artist. Her work is practically amazing and shouldn't be missed out on. From personal experience from her and her work I highly recommend her. She is a very nice individual and a person that you would love to business with. Here is two items that I would like to show you for her final day of being on my blog.

Jubilee Roll Pillow Cover

Jubilee is a fabulous decorator roll pillow cover. Made with 100% cotton decorator fabrics. This is a heavier fabric, very sturdy and long wearing.

The main fabric has pink and chocolate brown design throughout. The contrast is a pink and chocolate brown stripes with matching drawstring ties.

Measurements are 25" around and 19" long. If your pillow is shorter in length, just gather the ends as I have and tie the drawstring ties around to make a tootsie roll wrapper style.

Afghan Baby REVERSIBLE with Lilac Edging

This beautiful ivory afghan has the exact same pattern on both sides. The switch is, that one side has a beautiful lilac pattern and the other side is a bright contrast of multi colored yarn. And if you love a colorful afghan for your baby, this is the one for you.

It's very soft and cozy and measures 39 inches by 35 1/2 inches.

The afghan is crocheted with 100% acrylic yarns and is completely washable in gentle cycle with gentle detergent.

It makes a wonderful gift, a throw, lap blanket, or whatever

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My fingerprint Friday, even though everyone will cringe at this, is the snow that we received. To me this is a huge fingerprint from God in which he is trying to cleanse our wonderful earth. I know that we are having the frigid temps that brought us as low as almost -20 wind chill but it looks absolutely beautiful outside. I was thinking to myself "why complain about the snow, this is a gift from God and to enjoy it".

Ok, now you are probably thinking she is crazy. But I am not crazy because I use to hate the snow. I was almost in a terrifying accident 7 years ago with my older son in the car. I was delivering a cake for my dad for his birthday and the weather was just fine with no snow. After I delivered the cake and waited a little bit for my dad the snow started falling heavily. So I decided that I better go so I don't get caught in it. (Just a little insight, my dad lived a mile up a hill and winters aren't too friendly there) So i go about 5 miles an hour down the hill and my car slides off the road and almost off a cliff. I thank God everyday that he planted a tree to where it held my car so I would plunge down the cliff.

Did I scare you, didn't mean to but it really did h
appen. For many years, I dreaded to going out in the snow. But this year, it doesn't seem so bad. I look outside and thank God for the beautiful snow and what it does to our wonderful earth. Plus, for the many picture perfect scenes that I would love to take but unfortunately don't have my camera with me to do so, lol.

Snow is my fingerprint of Friday :D What fingerprint has God left you on a friday.

PamperingBeki, that came up with Fingerprints Friday. I was inspired by both of their blogs that I could not pass this up. So I signed up and wanted to share my fingerprint Friday with you. Please go checkout PamperkingBeki's Blog and read about. You will definitely sign up too.



Here are the results from this weeks poll:

Other - 63%
Crocheting - 27%
Pottery - 9%

All the rest was at 0%. Hopefully the next poll will have a bigger, better response. Thank you to all have voted.


Support Our Troops Ribbon with Canadian Maple Leaf

Another new ribbon that will help show that you support your troops. This beautiful yellow ribbon is accented with a wooden maple leaf button and a gold clip to be able to clip on your clothing to show your support for the cause. It is assembled together with hot glue.

For each sale of a ribbon, all but $1 of the purchase price will be donated evenly between these two organizations ($2.50 each): - Helps those who lost a spouse in the war. - Helps needy military families

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☺Happy Belated Friday and now on my way to work on Saturday blogging ☺


  1. My brother is in the Army and my Stepson is in the Marines - do I am totally loving that support our troops ribbon!