Friday, January 30, 2009

Follow Me on My Journey to My Weight Loss Goal (Fourth Weigh In)


I am so proud of myself right now. So far I have dropped 2.5 lbs. since biggest loser started at work. Since September of 2008 to now I have lost a total of 6.5 lbs. I am slowly getting my energy back and my metabolism. I upped my exercise routine and now I am borrowing my dad's Wii Fit to add to my routine for the weekends only. Hoping with our tax we will have enough to buy a Wii and Wii Fit so I can work out every night. But I am definitely going to work hard because of it being Super Bowl weekend. Sorry everyone, can't give up the pizza and wings but I promise not to pig out. Next week I will have pictures to show my progress and hope to see results. If you don't think you can do what I am doing, you are wrong. It takes focus and the push to do it. Find an outlet, like blogging, to keep you going on the success of it. Its helping me and I know it will help you. Update you next week :D

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  1. I had the wii fit and the first month I got it I was super into it, made myself go on a diet (eating a LOT - but healthy) and went on the fit once a day for at least half an hour. A month later I was 12 pounds lighter... this will add a lot to your weight loss goal! Yoga is the best, combining with some strength exercises.... good luck!