Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Love Crocheting Bracelet (Made To Order)

Looking for a fun bracelet to show your enthusiasm and its cute at the same time. Well I have the thing you have been looking for. This beautiful bracelet is an example of one. This bracelet is made out of small turqoise semi precious beads and white alphabet beads in which they are all strung on elastic jewelry thread.

If you would love one of this cute but simple bracelet but want it in different colors just purchase this one. Then in the note to seller put the colors that you would like and the size you need for the bracelet. The colors to choose from are pink, brown, yellow, sea blue, turquoise, and purple. But if you would like other colors then these I will be using the glass beads. This will not hike the price up.

Click on the picture to the link.


  1. Cute! I want to learn to crochet in the new year!

    Question: how did you get the "blogs I follow" list in your profile? I should do that! I suppose I could just make a list of the blogs I follow! Actually I have to update my whole profile. Someday! :-)

  2. You just go to your copy the link to the blog you want to follow, click on View my complete profile, then click on manage blogs, the click on add. You will get a box requesting the URL, paste the link there. Then follow the rest from there. Hoped I helped.