Saturday, January 3, 2009

Simple Dishcloth in Pinky Stripes

Are you the type that like the simple things in life, plus you like to always keep things simple? Well check out this cute but simple dishcloth. This dishcloth was made out of 100% cotton yarn that was naturally colored like this. No cutting and changing yarns. How simple is that? This dishcloth would also make a charming addition for your kitchen during Valentine's Day with all the different color pinks in it.

Click picture for additional information.


  1. Hi! Thought I would leave a hello as I was just going through some blogs and yours was the next one in line. I saw that you are in Olean NY. We are in San Antonio TX but lived in Chautauqua County on Chautauqua Lake before we moved here 6 months ago. I am a die hard knitter! Love to hear from other knitters and what projects they are working on.


  2. I haven't done any knitting in awhile but I will be picking it up soon. I will let you know when I start again. :D