Friday, January 30, 2009

~Fingerprints Friday~

My Fingerprints Friday would be the wonderful people that helped me through my depression over last weekend. I was really at a bad point and no clue why. I had no cares to do anything and to feel for anything. It lasted from Thursday to Monday and that is why you don't see anything posted in my blog for a week. My hubby, best friends, and friends from Etsy helped me out tremendously. My hubby let me be by myself for 2 hours and also let me relaxed for the whole day Sunday. My Etsy friends and especially the wonderful SNSers sat and talked with me all night Saturday. You always have to thank God for the wonderful people you have surrounding you at your time of need. And he was helping me by surrounding me with people that absolutely care about me and how i was feeling. So here is a big shout out to all my Etsian friends that helped me out, best friends, and my hubby. That is my fingerprint Friday of God.

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