Friday, January 2, 2009

Fingerprints Friday

Today I would have to say I saw the fingerprint of God in my beautiful boys. Today is the last Friday before I go back to work, my older son goes back to school, and my younger son goes to daycare. They are my lasting fingerprints of God and they remind me of the love that we share everyday to eternity. (My hubby was driving while I was sneaking pictures of the boys)

My older son Tyler is my miracle baby. I almost lost him three times when I was pregnant for him. Then a month before his second birthday he was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum (Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, also known as PDD-NOS). We started Early Intervention right away and he has grown and prosper to this very day. He is now a third grader with As and Bs. But this year we hit a hard, rough patch. He was having consistent meltdowns and a few behavioral problems at home and at school. So I pray everyday that he would have a good day the next day. I left my full time job (financial institution) for him and now work a part time job (teacher's aide) so I could be home a lot more with him when he needed me. Financially, it is really hard but the best part is that when my son needs me I am there.

My younger son Dawson is a little pistol but he is so darn cute that bypass that streak. He loves to rough house with daddy and mommy. He loves sports and a lot of cartoons. We do have the bed time issues with not sleeping on his own, potty training issues, and behavioral issues. But I love him no matter what.

My children are so precious to me and you can see the fingerprint that God has left on them everyday.

I found in a blog by Pfeiffer Photos about a blogger, PamperingBeki, that came up with Fingerprints Friday. I was inspired by both of their blogs that I could not pass this up. So I signed up and wanted to share my fingerprint friday with you. Please go checkout PamperkingBeki's Blog and read about. You will definitely sign up too.


  1. My goodness, what a story!

    He's a BEAUTIFUL child, and what a blessing for your family.

    Thanks for participating! I hope to see you join again next week!

  2. thank you PamperingBeki. You will see me again next week :D

  3. I enjoyed reading your story. The blogs I like the most are the ones that discuss deep topics like this.

    Miracles happen everyday. Your son might surprise everybody. You never know!

    If you'd like, check out the story on my blog. The really interesting part starts in early July and goes to the present.

  4. thank you Giftbearer and I am going to check out yours