Monday, January 19, 2009




from hdawnparratt:

I am 36, married, no kids, a dog and two kitties. I started scrapbooking almost 3 years ago after my wedding. When I ran out of pics to scrapbook, as you can only do so many wedding layouts and pet layouts. I turned to making cards. I joined etsy on march 21 2008 and found i have been blessed with great friends and people who love my cards. I especially am happy when a buyer comes back. It is a great feeling. I recently got a request for 30 cards to make for a woman battling cancer, who would like to give out inspirational cards at the hospice. It is nice to know my cards can lift spirits and put smiles on the faces of loved ones.
I hope I can sell my cards for a long time to come and hope to meet even more great people then I already have :)

here are a couple of her listings:

Mouse with Heart Valentine's Day Card

Happy Valentine's Day Cat Card

Click on pictures to links to these beautiful cards.

Make sure to check out the rest of her shop for the variety of cards she has to offer.

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