Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Follow Me on My Journey to My Weight Loss Goal

Week One: 171.5 lbs.

I will be blogging about this once a week. I am participating with the Biggest Loser where I work. I had my first weigh in to start it out. I was kinda shocked that I still managed to loose 4 lbs since I last weighed myself back in September. I was so happy about that.

Anywho, I need to loose 50lbs to be where I am suppose to be. You are probably thinking, she doesn't need to loose weight, she looks good the way she does. Well, my clothing knows how to hide those pesky lbs.

Right now, I have only been working on proportioning my foods, practically eating mini meals. I haven't had a drink of soda since Sunday. But I believe in not taking your favorite foods away. I believe in eating a little bit of it once in a great while. I noticed that I tried to take chicken wings away from me for 2 months and the ending result is that I splurged on it. Then afterwards felt guilty about splurging. So now if I have a craving, I just get enough to satisfy me and then move on.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to get my exercise in. I am going to try to do some crunches, push ups, and supermans. You are probably wonder how I could fit exercising into my schedule with work, kids, house, and my crafts? Its easy, just make yourself fit it in. You have to fit in some me time at least once a day to work on your health and well being.

Hopefully, on Monday I will have some great news with my weight loss. Here is to hoping and praying to getting myself back on track.

Here is pictures of me taken on Christmas Day:

Here is pictures of me taken on Sunday (my hubby said that I looked pregnant in them, I gave him the look after the pictures were taken):

Here is pictures of me taken today (3 days after I was weighed in, a slow start right now):

Hopefully you will see a small change on Monday (thats when I am weighed in). Stay tuned!


  1. keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. thanks for the comment about my earrings! i wish you luck with your biggest loser contest thingie! this month i am starting my master cleanse. which will be just as tough! have a great near year ahead!

  3. your very welcome Phoenix and thank you. You also have a great year ahead.